Raj Suri - founder Miss India AustraliaSydney based, Raj Suri – founder Miss India Australia is an award winning National Director of Australia based out of Sydney. Miss India Australia was conceived and set up by Raj Suri in 2001. As the founder of Miss India Australia, Raj Suri has been instrumental in providing a genuine platform to the Australian talent for over 17 years. Raj Suri work continues with his Indian youth mentoring and women empowerment workshops, sharing his experience to help in giving confidence to young women with self image and camera presenting – embracing real diversity of Australia. A true creative visionary who believes in modern Australian culture by creating environment in Australia where true multiculturalism can thrive by creating more role models from within the Australian communities. More about Raj Suri – the photographer | actor | film-media producer | founder Miss India Australia. Website/Full Bio Here

Video from Bollywood town, Mumbai:




Raj Suri Workshops

Diversity-Self Belief & Bollywood Workshops by Raj Suri | Australia from Raj Suri on Vimeo.