Rules and Regulations – Miss India Australia 


a) Organisers – Organisers includes Karigar (Australia) Pty Ltd T/A Miss India Australia, it’s director Raj Suri and it’s affiliates.
b) Affiliates – Affiliates include Organisers partners, and third party organisers including Miss India Worldwide, event and prize sponsors, and their sub-contractors, as well as directors and representatives of any of the above entities or their parent entities.
c) Applicant – Means a person who has applied for the contest and/or has been selected for pre selection auditions
d) Finalist/Contestant – An applicant who has been selected as the finalist for the Miss India Australia
e) Contest –  Miss India Australia by Raj Suri.
f) Audition/Rehearsal – the talent auditions/talent sent online or/and interviews, or/and practice/photo sessions that are held after the applicants have applied through a Pre Selection Registration

Rules & Regulations
1. All applicants must meet the Eligibility Criteria

2. All Applications must include the following:

a) A completed Entry Registration Form
b) Proof of Age: Copies of one of the following: Current Driver’s Licence or Passport or Birth Certificate
c) Proof of valid Australian Visa Status: Citizen/Permanent Resident/Other
d) 3 x photographs : Head Shoulder shot/Mid Shot and Full Length Shot. The photographs must be showing the applicant individually clearly in focus. The photographs do not have to be professionally taken supplied with the Entry Registration Form
e) TALENT performance – The applicant must showcase a solo performance for 3 minutes

3. Based on the information that the applicants provide for registration, the organisers will shortlist the applicant for the interview/audition.

4. If the applicant is selected from registration details provided they may have to go through a further audition-training program in Sydney or Melbourne. The applicant will have to bear expenses for coming to and leaving from auditions.

5. The Organisers will contact all applicants who need to attend the auditions via email and/or phone.

6. The winner will have to go through a training & rehearsal program for the Miss India Worldwide and a discounted training/mentorship program as a winner. Failure to attend the training/rehearsals could lead to disqualification from the contest. The applicant will have to participate in a disciplined and diligent manner throughout the rehearsals/training program as per the schedule given, and participate in all the rehearsals at the Miss India Worldwide Contest.

7. All applicants must inform the Director, Raj Suri, if they have applied or participated in any similar contest in Australia prior to applying for Miss India Australia
8. Miss India Australia format involves pre-judging of talent based on the auditions. Miss India Worldwide Finals will be judged in the following categories: (A) INDIAN DRESS (B) EVENING GOWN (C) TALENT AND (D) QUESTION AND ANSWER
The Organisers reserve the right to change the format of the contest at any time including online voting, pre-selection and judging criteria. The applicant will be informed in advance about the changes.
9. The decision of the judges, once tabulated, is final. The Organisers bears no responsibility for the decisions of the judges. Judges decision is final for the final format.

10. Time constraints: Each contestant will only be allowed 3 minutes for the talent segment in the Miss India Worldwide Finals (NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE ALLOWED TO THIS RULE) The contestant must notify the Miss India Australia National Director of any special technical need for the talent. As per the Miss India Worldwide Rules. the contestant will not be allowed to have any one on-stage accompaniment during the talent segment (i.e. models, backup singers, etc.). The technical support provided for the talent will ONLY be in the form of sound & available lighting.

11. The winner of Miss India Australia by Raj Suri will be bound to participate in the Miss India Worldwide Finals in a country outside Australia and abide by the rules and regulations governing that contest.

12. The contestant agrees to be available to fly overseas as the first prize winner of the Miss India Australia Contest (Return Flights from Sydney and overseas accommodation will be covered for by the Australian Organisers as the First prize).

13. The winner of the Miss India Australia Contest will not participate in any other contests, pageants in Australia or overseas during the time that the title is held, unless authorised in writing by the Organisers. The contestant must not be exclusively signed with any management companies.The contestant must notify the Organisers of any such agreements. Non – exclusive agreements with model agencies will be accepted. The winner will be bound by an exclusive winner agreement with the Miss India Australia organisers.

14. Miss India Australia Organisers, in its sole discretion, retains the right to alter the format of the contest including the judging criteria, dates, overseas travel arrangements.

15. Miss India Australia is not responsible for the contestant or any of her personal belongings.

16. Miss India Australia is not responsible for the lodging and boarding of the contestants while in Australia.

17. The Organisers are not responsible for any delays or non-receipt of applications on any account and for any reason whatsoever.

18. The Organisers are not responsible if sponsors do not make good the prizes promised by them.

19. Incorrect information submitted will result in disqualification, whether discovered prior to, during or after the contest.

20. Schedule of events and qualification auditions are subject to change at the discretion of the Organisers.

21. Due to number of entries received by Miss India Australia, Photographs sent in with entries will not be returned. The organisers are not responsible to return the photos, videos, supporting documents to the applicant. The audition/rehearsals content, including photos, videos, voice recording will be the property of the Organisers. The organisers have the right to use the content, photos, video and recordings for publishing, marketing and advertising purposes including the internet.

22. Only the applicant will be allowed inside the designated venue of the audition & rehearsals / training in Australia and overseas.

23. Miss India Australia is not responsible for the conduct, judging or awarding of prizes by by its affiliates.

24. In the event of any dispute, Miss India Australia and the Organiser’s decision is final and binding on the contestant.

25. The Organisers reserve the right to change the Eligibility Criteria and Rules & Regulations without notice.