Miss India Australia Eligibility Criteria



  • Any woman of Indian origin* (regardless of her place of birth) between the ages of 17 and 25 inclusive (on December 31st of the year she participates),never married and never having had a child, is eligible to participate
  • The applicant is a natural born female
  • NO MINIMUM HEIGHT for the Miss India Australia Talent Search
  •  The applicant is not / has not been married, and has never had a marriage or never given birth to a child; is not now pregnant nor a parent. If any of these conditions change, the applicant is to notify the National Director immediately
  • The applicant must provide valid proof of Australian Visa Status – Permanent Resident/Citizen/Other

**Overseas Indian student must provide proof of length of stay in Australia with valid visa.

You must have one talent such as but not limited to…i.e. singing, acting, public speaking, dance, performing a short discourse, poem etc.

This needs to be explained in detail and demonstrated at the auditions or sent via online/email/CD  Note: You can change your talent at any time before the final Miss India Australia Worldwide Finals

All applications, including the Pre Selection is FREE to apply.

*Indian origin as defined by the IFC (Miss India Worldwide governing body) is anyone that has at least one parent or grand parent from Indian origin ( must be able to qualify to have a PIO – person of Indian Origin  or OCI – Overseas Citizen of India status )
Contestant must sign a declaration on audition day that they are of Indian origin in the absence of proof – must be eligible to apply for —
**Appropriate documentation regarding the age and residency status of the applicant must be brought to the audition
(i.e. photocopy of passports and birth certificate) in order to meet the eligibility requirements


Any woman living in Australia – irrespective of her country of origin or appearance between the ages of 17 and 25 inclusive
(on December 31st of the year she participates), never married and never having had a child.
The applicant must an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia. Must be minimum 5′.7″ tall or 170cms.

If you think you meet the above criteria and are interested to apply for the Miss India Australia Talent + Model Search , then please fill out the pre- selection registration form