Miss India Australia founder, Raj Suri, talks Bollywood in Oz

The founder of Miss India Australia, Raj Suri, talks Bollywood films in Australia.

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Raj Suri talks Bollywood films in Australia
  • A true creative visionary, Raj Suri founded the Miss India Australia in 2001, with the vision to contribute positively to the multicultural contemporary Australia and beyond. Raj’s Miss India Australia (MIA) platform has been the base for Australian talent to the fastest growing entertainment industries in the world  - Bollywood & beyond – Australians, as past winners of Raj Suri’s Miss India Australia Talent Search are now pursuing a full fledged film careers as lead actors in India. Since 2011, Raj personally grooms and prepares Australian talent to represent overseas after an extensive audition process in Australia providing talent mentorship programs and practical workshops. Once selected, Raj facilitates along with his associate office in Bollywood.

    Raj Suri is the founder director of KARIGAR (Australia) - a film and media company based in Sydney.  Raj Suri’s involvement in the film scene goes back to 2004 in pre production – he has closely worked with acclaimed independent Bollywood actor Sanjay Suri ( Raj Suri’s brother) and film director ONIR to bring the award winning feature My Brother Nikhil for screenings to Australia including Sydney and Melbourne. 
    In 2009 Raj Suri took a step in independent film production as the only Australian co-producer of Bollywood film I AM MEGHA – one of the four films in the I AM feature film project. I AM Project was OFFICIAL SELECTION AT VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Canadian Premier) Oct.’2010.  On 7 March 2012, I AM won the prestigious National Award as the best Hindi film - the highest honour for cinema in India. Raj Suri attended CANNES Film Festival 2012 – to collaborate worldwide and especially co-productions between Australia and India.  Early 2014, Raj presented I AM Megha screening at the University of Newcastle as part of Bollywood 101 conference and festival and has helped in screening of another film, UnTold, in the 2015 festival. Raj presented I AM Megha in the annual Parramasala Festival in October 2014  In August 2014, Raj Suri made his debut as an actor in a character role in the feature film SHAB, directed by Onir.  Completed acting role in January 2015. The independent Bollywood film will be released worldwide in late 2015  Raj is the co- producer of the Indian film Chauranga. Raj Suri consults in assisting all aspects of film production in India.  Currently, Raj is acting and collaborating in the new independent films including shorts, docus and features in Australia and India.  Raj Suri is passionate about contributing to the modern global identity – his media creative skills and strong global network brings international perspective to creative visual media with a sense of global engagement to connect with the world’s emerging markets.

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