Miss India Australia 2018 Finalists

Miss India Australia 2018  Finalists

Miss India Australia 2018

Miss India Australia (Raj Suri) 2018 Finalists

The Miss India Australia 2018 finalists were selected on the basis of face to face auditions/workshops by Australia’s talent mentor/Bollywood consultant, Raj Suri

Miss India Australia 2018, Sakshi Singh, represented Australia in the Miss India Worldwide grand finale in USA from 9- 14 December 2018.  Travel sponsored by Raj Suri.

Sakshi won the 1st runner up Miss India Worldwide 2018 in USA.

Sakshi Singh Raj Suri Miss India Australia 2018 1st Runner Up Miss India Worldwide in USA

The Miss India Australia subtitles for 2018 are:

  • Miss India Australia 2018 – Photogenic  Parul – Melbourne
  • Miss India Australia 2018 – Best Talent   Sakshi Singh – Melbourne
  • Miss India Australia 2018- Model   Amulya Ragam – Sydney
  • Miss India Australia 2018 – Beautiful Eyes  Sohni Singh – Newcastle
  • Miss India Australia 2018 – Professional  Aanchal Shankar – Sydney
  • Miss India Australia 2018 – Fashionista (new title) – Mehr Anand – Melbourne
  • Miss India Australia “Public Choice Online” –  Parul, Melbourne

Online Voting for only the “Online Choice” Subtitle Winner is NOW CLOSED. All finalists will get a face to face  “Career/Role Model Coaching” with Raj Suri  for 1 x session worth $550 at no cost. Follow us on INSTAGRAM – @MissIndiaAus – CLICK HERE – Use Hashtags “#RajSuri #MissIndiaAustralia2018 “   For General Inquiries CLICK HERE For Sponsorships Opportunities  CLICK HERE  Interested to apply for Miss India Australia 2019? PRE REGISTER HERE

Raj Suri – Talent Mentor


    close 2nd Place AANCHAL
    3rd Place AMULYA

  • Miss India Australia 2018

     I entered Raj Suri Miss India Australia because I believe that this platform will provide me a real chance at pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Also, it will build me up as a person and help me gain new skills and experiences. Raj Suri’s face to face auditions gave me a little glimpse of how the industry works and also an opportunity to showcase my passion.
    I have always been interested in acting and modelling since I was a kid. My hobbies include of roller skating, drawing and playing almost any sport. I am a very outgoing person and can get along with almost anyone in an instant.
    Thank you,
    - Mehr

  • Miss India Australia 2018

    Hi everyone, Namaste!

    I am from Melbourne- undoubtedly the most liveable city in the world. I love Melbourne for its delicious food, the coffee culture and its multicultural vibe. I am proud to call myself Australian-Indian and I am thankful for all the opportunities these countries have offered me and my family.
    I am a healthcare professional with many creative skills, acting being one of them.
    My mother tells me that when I was young, I would spend countless hours watching Hindi movies, acting out scenes and dancing to all the catchy songs; “choli ke peeche” being my absolute favourite.
    This year, I had the wonderful opportunity of working on an Australian short film as the lead actress and I cannot wait to pursue my acting career further. I participated in Raj Suri Miss India Australia because I believe it will guide me in achieving my dream.
    I wish to set an example for other professionals who are equally artistic but have never attempted to pursue their passion. I believe it is possible to balance work and passion, and we don’t have to choose one over the other.

    - SAKSHI



  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Amulya Ragam and I’m currently studying Global BBA in Sydney. No doubt, modelling and acting have always been my passion and fascination and hence, I’m here entering Raj Suri Miss India Australia 2018. The most important reason for me being a part of this contest is the fact that I’ve always believed in three things- “Explore, Discover and Dream” and I strongly believe that Miss India Australia will be that platform for me to explore the inner-creativity and talent other contestants bring to the competition; their culture, life story & motivation, to discover new opportunities to learn, progress and make a great career in this industry and to always dream BIG.

    My parents have always taught me to be an all-rounder and that’s constantly reflected in everything I do in my life; from being a national level tennis player to a Dean’s Lister at University, from a good debater and public speaker to a great dancer and a cook. I always make sure to give my 200% in whatever I do and never worry about the result. In conclusion, I would call myself to be someone who is adaptable, optimistic and affable. In simple words, discovery defines me.

    The experience of attending Raj Suri Workshop was one kind of an experience as this is the first time I was ever auditioning for a pageant at a global scale. Mr. Raj’s insights into the industry helped me learn a lot more about the industry I’m planning to get into and his advices are something I will always take ahead with me in my life. I will always look up to him as my mentor.

    - AMULYA

  • Profile and Introduction Video coming soon..


  • Miss India Australia 2018

    You can take the girl out of India, but you can't take India out of the girl!
    It's lovely to virtually meet you - My name is Sohni, and I am a 20 year old girl from Newcastle, currently studying medicine on the Gold Coast. I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to share with you all aspects of my Indian and Australian culture. I moved from India to Australia at the tender age of 2 years old, however almost yearly visits have kept me extremely close to my roots. Indian culture has always flourished in my heart - whether it be performing Bollywood and bharatnatyam dances since I was 7 years old, binge watching the latest Hindi Films at the theatre (Kaal Hona Ho will always be my favourite!), conversing with my beautiful grandparents overseas, or simply devouring some lamb biryani with a side of kheer raita. I feel so blessed to be a part of a culture as rich, vibrant and glowing as India, and I'm so happy to share that with you now. Singing has also been a huge part of my life, having won Newcastles Hunter Indian Idol in 2016, and hence I would absolutely love your votes for Miss Talent! Thankyou so much, Love Sohni ❤
  • Miss India Australia 2018


    I am a cheerful girl from the best city in the world, Melbourne, who loves to enjoyevery bit of life. I think the competition have provided us a great opportunity to shine bright in the world by showcasing our talent. It feels great to be a part of Miss India Australia as it will help me to gain a totally different experience and I am happy to be a part of Miss India Australia. I had a good session with Mr. Raj Suri during my face to face round as he guided me and helped me to polish my strengths. He encouraged us all to do our best.

    I am a lively girl. I love being in the spotlight either facing the camera or being on the stage. My life is all about stage, modeling, drama and dance. My honesty is my favorite strength. I love having thrills and risks in my life. But all above I want to live my life on my own conditions so that I can always remain an independent women.

    I am my favorite.



  • Miss India Australia 2018

    Hello and Namaste 🙂

    I am 22 years old, born and brought up in Sydney, my vibrant and multicultural city! This year, I am taking part in Raj Suri’s Miss India Australia 2018 to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the opportunity to represent the friendship that these two countries share. I am so grateful for my sweet parents, who have always taught me to take pride in both my cultures. I love being able to speak Hindi to my Nani and friends and for many years, I’ve been learning and performing Bollywood and Kathak dance. This year, I also had the privilege of starting my post-graduate degree in Medicine, which includes an 8-month placement in Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad. Attending Raj Suri's Audition and Workshop reinforced the importance of building your personal brand, believing in yourself, while providing enriching experiences in front of the camera. Raj is an expert at understanding how you should present yourself in front of the camera, in terms of your best angles, facial expressions, tone of voice and posture to name a few. Overall, I have no doubt that the Miss India Australia platform will be a step forward on my path to making a positive difference in India and Australia. 

    Thank you so much for reading, 

    Aanchal 🙂


  • Profile and Introduction Video coming soon..


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