Miss India Australia 2016 Finalists

Miss India Australia 2016  Finalists
Raj Suri Miss India Australia 2016 FinalistsThe Miss India Australia 2016 finalists were selected on the basis of industry auditions and Raj Suri Bollywood workshops in Australia.

Miss India Australia 2016 Winner is SUKHMANI KHAIRA of Sydney who was selected on the basis of her performance at the official auditions and the subsequent talent workshops.  Miss India Australia 2016 will represent Australia in the Miss India Australia Worldwide grand finale in USA on 9 October 2016.

The Miss India Australia 2016 subtitle achievers  are :

  • Miss India Australia 2016 – Photogenic –  Krithika Arun
  • Miss India Australia 2016 – Best Talent  –  Sumana Gupta
  • Miss India Australia 2016 – Professional –  Aman Kaur

Latest Update:

The Miss India Australia 2016 Public Choice winner is Sumana Gupta! Close second is Krihika Arun of Melbourne.

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  •  Miss India Australia 2016
    my name is Shimona Rastogi and was born and brought up in Sydney. I love Sydney because of its diverse and multicultural population. I entered Raj Suri’s Miss India Australia 2016 to step outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself to see my capabilities. By doing this, I hope to lead by example and inspire others to push their boundaries. I am a huge Bollywood buff who enjoys performing at functions, allowing me to celebrate and stay connected with my Indian roots. Raj Suri’s workshop enriched me with exclusive knowledge of the Indian entertainment industry which made the experience truly rewarding.

    Love, Shimona.

  • Miss India Australia 2016 Finalist

    To some I’m known as Nikki, to others I’m the Shahid Kapoor fanatic.
    I entered Raj Suri Miss India Australia because I saw it as a fantastic opportunity for us young women to change the landscape of today’s society and I believe our cultural heritage is an irreplaceable source of inspiration. Raj’s workshop taught me the essence of confidence, goals and aspirations combined with practical strategies and industry knowledge.
    I am an iridescent soul who travels with a suitcase full of outrageous blessings and believes that life is nothing but a grand adventure to be had.

    Wishes from Sydney,


  • Miss India Australia 2016 Finalist
    I am an Independent Indian Australian woman from Sydney. I live freely & dream fearlessly - never shying away from challenges - a go getter. I have co-founded a non-profitable organization in Northern India. I have a passion for Bollywood. As Tony Robbins said the only impossible journey is the one you don't begin. By taking part in Miss India Australia I have taken the first step in my journey. Raj Suri workshop has helped me build confidence & allowed me to step out of my comfort zone while at the same time equipping me with knowledge to take further my dream.
    Love Sukhmani


  • Miss India Australia 2016 Finalist

    Hi, my name is Krithika Arun, I am currently studying Law and Commerce. However I strive on my creative mind using my dance qualification in bharatanatyam and visual arts to express
    myself. I believe my creativity is the source of differentiation and
    therefore, is the root of my competitive nature.As a student I was extensively involved in my school community, which has allowed me to develop strong interpersonal skills. I believe in giving back to the community. I have had the pleasure of volunteeringin various organization in Australia and India, which i still do today. I am a down to earth type of girl and believes simple things in
    life. Friends are very important to me, being an only child. I love the
    interaction of others and learning about their lives. I am upbeat,
    thoughtful, respectful and strive to learn from others.

 Krithika Arun


  • Miss India Australia 2016 Finalist
    My name is Aman, I am from the beautiful city Adelaide. I wanted to be a part of Raj Suri Miss India Australia 2016 because I believe this platform will lay a foundation to my career in the entertainment industry. I am currently studying at the University of Adelaide and my hobbies include practicing yoga, trying diverse cuisines and meeting new people. After attending Raj Suri workshop, I had the skills and the confidence to face the camera in an audition for the feature film “Hotel Mumbai”. I was casted by the South Australian Film Corporation straight away. The experience gained from the shooting as well as the workshop inspires me to pursue the journey further and turn my dreams into reality!
    Love Aman


  • Miss India Australia 2016 Finalist
    My name is Sumana and I am from Sydney. I am a fourth-year medical student with a passion for the performing arts. I see Raj Suri’s Miss India Australia as an opportunity for me to represent the two countries that I identify strongly towards. Although my course is important to me, I also see myself as an ator, a singer and most of all, a performer. I enjoyed and received some valuable mentorship through the Raj Suri workshop. This solidified my belief that I have the perseverance and dedication to succeed in my endeavours.



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