Miss India Australia 2015 Finalists

Miss India Australia 2015  Finalists

Miss India Australia 2015 Finaliists


The 10 Miss India Australia 2015 finalists were selected on the basis of industry auditions and Raj Suri Bollywood workshops in Australia.

Nibedita Pal,  Miss India Australia 2015 , represented Australia in the Miss India Australia Worldwide grand finale on 5 September 2015 who was selected on the basis of her performance at the official auditions and the workshop.
In addition to the Miss India Australia 2015 title, there are subtitles winners. 

The Miss India Australia 2015 subtittle achievers are:

  • Miss India Australia 2015 Nibedita Pal – Brisbane
  • Miss India Australia 2015 – Photogenic – Pooja Priyanka – Sydney
  • Miss India Australia 2015 – Best Classical Dance Rabia Stanley – Sydney
  • Miss India Australia 2015 – Professional – Megna Sanam – Melbourne

  • Miss India Australia 2015 – Beautiful Smile – Savvy Nandal – Adelaide
  • Miss India Australia 2015 – Beautiful Eyes – Sanya Chopra –  Sydney
  • Miss India Australia – 2015 – “Public Choice” – Delilah Cutinho – Melbourne

 Update: 17 September 2015 – Congratulations Delilah Cutinho, who is declared the “Public Choice’ subtitle winner for Miss India Australia 2015 after the online voting concluded on 16 September. The close second votes went to Rabia Stanley.  Well Done !

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  • Miss India Australia 2015 FinalistMy name is Delilah, I’m a Gemini and current Psychology Student. I was born in Mumbai, however have adopted Melbourne as my home. My interests include going to the gym, reading, having new food experiences. I entered Miss India Australia 2015 to get an opportunity to follow my dreams by encouraging my talents in acting and modelling. I had a great experience at the workshop where I learnt more about myself and gained an insight to a possible future career in the entertainment industry.
    One should always make the most out of life
    Love Delilah

  • Miss India Australia 2015 Finalists Hi, I am originally from the beautiful, scenic city of Sydney. I heard about Raj Suri Miss India Australia Talent Search and though it would be a great platform to pursue my passion and be mentored by someone  who has invaluable experience to learn from. Raj's workshop gave me a chance to see what this industry is all about and also gave me great confidence and insights on how to carry myself with confidence to believe in myself.
    I have been a Bollywood fanatic since I was little and love everything about the industry, be it fashion, dancing or the movies. I have a passion for dancing and I am also quite the book worm. I believe life is short and you should take whatever chance you get to chase your dreams. 

  • Miss India Australia 2015 Finalists Namaste,

    I am from Adelaide and my reason for participating in Miss India Australia is because this is once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase what Indian-Australian women are capable of achieving on a global stage. We are independent, passionate, fierce and go-getters in addition to being the girl-next door. Raj Suri workshop helped me realise that we are all prisoners of our own mind, the key is to believe!!!

    Miss India Australia will provide a platform to further expand my horizon in the fashion industry.
    Thank you, Love,


  • Miss India Australia 2015 FinalistsMy Name is Nibedita and I currently live in Brisbane. I entered the 2015 Miss India Australia Pageant, as I believe that it will efficiently prepare me for my future in Bollywood. I will be able to exhibit my talents and gather sufficient industry knowledge and training by reputed Industry professionals. Raj Suri’s workshop enabled me to gain confidence and helped me develop a practical understanding of the field. I am immensely passionate about dancing and performing and am eager to display my talent and be recognised for it professionally. 
    I would love to get the opportunity to advance in this pageant.
    Love Nibedita

  • Miss India Australia 2015 FinalistsNamaste,

    I’m from the most multiculturally diverse city of Melbourne. I have been a Kathak performer since the age of five. Being a performer I choose to express myself through my art and wish to inspire people through my performances. Raj Suri Miss India Australia 2015 is a great platform for me to foray in the field of performing arts and forge ahead to pursue my dream of becoming an actor.
    Raj Suri workshop enabled me enhance my performing abilities & provided beneficial information I required about the industry.

    Love and Regards


  • Miss India Australia 2015 Finalists Hi!

    I am from Sydney, one of Australia's largest cities. I participated in Raj Suri Miss India Australia because it is a platform which provides an invaluable opportunity and a privilege to represent two beautiful countries. It will allow me to fulfil my aspiration to become an advocate for promoting Indian-Australian relations and achieve my dreams, by showcasing my dancing, acting and modelling talent.
    Raj Suri workshop was very insightful and provided me a direction on pursuing a career in Bollywood, as I am Bollywood Buff. I loved the practical sessions, especially the photoshoot! Which built my confidence and gave a great perspective on self-image.

Kind Regards, 


  • Hi,
    My name is Meghna. Born in Hyderabad but brought up in Melbourne, this city has inspired me to pursue all that I care for and leaving nothing to chance. My life is governed by my passion to do what I chose: when working, dancing or spending time with those I love. Dancing has become so synonymous with my happiness and zest for life that I have founded a Bollywood dance school. This has not only allowed me to express myself, but also spread the love for dance into the wider community. With the insights learnt at Raj Suri workshop, this prestigious title of ‘Miss India Australia 2015’ will provide me with experience and exposure, paving the opportunity to perhaps become the next great Bollywood Choreographer.

  • Miss India Australia 2015 Finalists Hi there!

    My name is Rabia, I am from the beautiful city of Sydney. Music, Dance and Fashion is my passion as it is a way that I feel I can express myself. I love the outdoors and I love to travel, try new foods and experience new cultures. I entered Miss India Australia 2015 as I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to showcase ones talents, be proud and represent our heritage as well as be a role model to all the women out there. Raj Suri’s workshop was very insightful and engaging making it a very memorable day. It was an absolute joy to learn so much from Raj, who was also very much encouraging. It is this little quote that has kept me going, “Live it, Breath it, Be it”. I believe that following my dreams, hard work, persistence and giving it my best is what truly matters in the end! Love,


  • Miss India Australia 2015 Finalists Hi!

    My name is Pooja Priyanka, I am from the vibrant city of Sydney. Dancing is my passion and fashion is my hobby. I entered Miss India Australia 2015 because it is a glamorous platform to showcase one’s talent and also an opportunity to inspire young Indian women of Australia. Attending Raj Suri’s workshop was both informative and also gave me insight to the things I hadn't thought about on my first trip to Mumbai. One of my favourite quotes that I relate to and share is “You’re not a drop in the ocean; but an entire ocean in a drop”. I am my best when I am myself.

  • Miss India Australia 2015 FinalistsHi,
    I am Sammiee from Melbourne. I am a 24 years old versatile and cheerful gemini. I love Australia for its beauty in nature, unpredictable weather and growing up in a multicultural society, well as love India for its incredible diversity, flexibility and strong values I feel Miss India Australia 2015 by Raj Suri is a great platform to represent both my countries on an international level and ultimately work towards building a stronger tie between Australia and India.
    Raj Suri workshop was very interesting and useful. Raj gave the participants an engaging, focused and targeted workshop. I liked how participants were encouraged to discuss, share ideas and throw questions at him throughout the workshop.

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