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Ask the Bollwyood Expert Raj Suri


Ask the Bollywood and Personal Branding Consultant Raj Suri

Ask the Bollywood Consultant Raj Suri –   Speak with independent Bollywood film producer, actor and SBS TV Bollywood Star Judge.

For the past 12 years Raj Suri have auditioned 100′s of talent – models/actors/performers, conducted workshops, spent countless hours on  live film/fashion sets, rehearsals/contests in Australia & overseas.  Raj Suri has featured on SBS TV Australia as a judge, co produced indie Bollywood films, I AM Mehga, Chauranga, acted in the feature SHAB and  facilitated talent to find their inner voice.

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Some of the topics covered in Ask the Expert paid Sessions are :

  • Understand Bollywood
  • studio/independent films/TV
  • Must have pre requisites for the entertainment industry
  • Craft and Skills
  • Survival in Bollywood
  • Visibility
  • Bollywood from inside
  • Important Tools for the industry

Terms: The consultancy session is not an agency or a talent scouting service. It is a direct phone session with Raj Suri who has worked in Bollywood and has years of industry experience. The session is formulated so that you can get a direction to work and act upon. Raj Suri will not be acting as your agent in Bollywood or providing you work in the entertainment industry.

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Industry Photos of Raj Suri

  • Raj Suri with Cast of Bollywood film SHAB

Raj Suri on SBS TV as Bollywood Star Juge